(eng) A No! to Hungarian Dawn

TEV_logoBudapest, 5 February 2014 – Action and Protection Foundation initiated procedures for the dispersal, and official removal from registers of the political party Nemzeti Forradalmi Párt (Party for National Revolution), which is the official face of the neo-Nazi Magyar Hajnal Mozgalom (Hungarian Dawn Movement). At the same time, on grounds of the overtly racist campaign video, which was the reason for the initiation of the above procedure to have the party dissolved, Chairman of the Foundation, Dániel Bodnár is filing a criminal complaint at the Budapest Metropolitan Police Headquarters.

It has been widely noted that the Magyar Hajnal Movement is skirting Hungarian law to participate in the 2014 parliamentary elections under the cloak of the Nemzeti Forradalom Party, which was registered at an earlier date. Since its inception, Action and Protection Foundation has consistently and uncompromisingly combated all manifestations of hate. The first elections advertisement by Magyar Hajnal left no doubt as to the fact that the group in question is openly racist, incites anti-Semitic hatred, and has made a cause of offending the dignity of this community.

It is unacceptable for a neo-Nazi party to remain operational in Hungary, and so, continuing its work, the Foundation will move everything in its power to end an illegal state of affairs that is greatly damaging to the standards of social coexistence in Hungary.