Single Incident Monitoring System For Fostering Security of Jewish Communities

Action and Protection Foundation implemented a knowledge-transfer project with the participation of Hungarian, Polish, and Slovakian Jewish organizations. The main goal of the project “Single Incident Monitoring System For Fostering Security of Jewish Communities” was to create a standard antisemitism monitoring, research, and analysis system for the Visegrad countries.  This monitoring system provides a more realistic alternative to the prevailing European Antisemitism approach.

With this project, we also would like to strengthen the cooperation and partnership between the V4 countries in their activities encountering Antisemitism.

We implemented the following project activities:

One-day conference on Security Challenges of Jewish Communities in Brussels (June, 2018)
Producing a Best Practice Handbook for Jewish advocacy organizations (and other minority stakeholders)
One-day knowledge transfer training in Budapest (7 November 2018)
One-day monitoring trainings in Bratislava and Warsaw (November-December 2018)


Jewish Educational Center Chabad, Slovakia

Fundacja Chai, Poland

The project has been supported by the International Visegrad Fund.