Anti-Semitic prejudice in contemporary Hungarian society

Action and Protection Foundation’s aim is to monitor anti-Semitism and the conflicts that emerge in Hungarian-Jewish coexistence, as well as to deal with the problems, and give legal protection to the victims of verbal or physical aggression. The Foundation seeks to formulate its strategy in full awareness of the actual current social attitudes related to anti-Semitism, which firstly entails research in the field, to reveal attitudes related to Jewish-Hungarian coexistence, anti-Semitism, mutually held prejudices, related taboos in a representative sample of the Hungarian population.

Anti-Semitism is a constant subject of discussion, it is feared greatly, but the exact meaning of the term, its message and scope change elastically depending on the speaker and situation in which it is discussed. On the initiative of Action and Protection Foundation, a 2013 survey overseen by sociologist András Kovács measured the level of anti-Semitic emotions in society through a data sample of 1,200 responders, with plans for it to be repeated biannually.