Countering antisemitism by improving school textbooks from a Jewish perspective

Action and Protection Foundation completed a regional project with the participation of Hungarian, Polish and Slovakian Jewish organizations. Our goal has been to counter antisemitism through education by developing white papers that outline a methodology to review and improve Jewish representation in school textbooks.

We have made the first step in the long process of the textbook-renewal project. We produced a methodology, based on a best practice, that involves the public education system in possible strategies countering antisemitism. The developed White Papers, and the established coalition of experts promote that school students learn facts about the Jewish religion, culture, and history, and discuss the positive role of the Jewish minority in the social well-being of the nations. This way we can alter stereotypes, and prejudices that are breeding grounds of antisemitism.

With this project, we also have strengthened the cooperation and partnership between the V4 countries in their activities encountering antisemitism. The next step should be the planning of the actual textbook revision in the project countries, including advocacy activities to raise interest of national educational stakeholders.

The following activities have been completed in this project: