Action and Protection Foundation seeks enthusiastic, passionate people who wish to act against invasive anti-Semitic phenomena. As a volunteer you could be part of a team to work jointly for fulfilling the tasks of Action and Protection Foundation.


As a part of volunteer training we introduce entrants to the most important legal, social, cultural particulars and lead through our educational and training programme. You may find new friends in our community; self-fulfilment and individual success make it possible to contribute to the success of Action and Protection Foundation.



Our training programme provides out volunteers the knowledge to prepare teachers and students how to react to anti-Semitic offences. They will be able to use the method by which they can strengthen their self-esteem and inform their immediate milieu about basic Jewish issues. They will have publications and other info material to gain information about the forms of aid that help respective communities to intervene against defamatory and debarring phenomena.



We train volunteers to evaluate and record events on the horizon of Action and Protection Foundation by monitoring the entire media in order to have a thorough and true picture about all occurrences of interest and no Anti-Semitic pronouncement or act should remain without notice. A part of training is to mail our volunteers with the ability of performing preliminary risk analysis and preventive measures.