Annual report

The Brüsszel Intézet (Brussels Institute), founded by TEV, carries out monitoring of anti-Semitic hate crimes in accordance with methods developed by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). When monitoring occurrences of anti-Semitism, the Institute records and analyzes these occurrences based on information delivered by various sources, which have proved the effectiveness in monitoring hate crimes. The professional leadership, oversight and background to research and monitoring activities of the Brüsszel Intézet is given by Dr. András Kovács, sociologist, Professor at Central European University (CEU) and academic advisor to the Institute for the Study of Ethnic-National Minorities at the Hungarian Academy of Science. The specialized direction and task of overseeing the monitoring activities of the Institute are handled by Dr. Ildikó Barna, sociologist, Dean of the Faculty of Research in Social Sciences at ELTE University, and Andrew Srulevitch, Expert on Eastern Europe for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Expert participants in the collection of data and the research project have years of experience as volunteers in research projects under the direction of scientists.

The incidents and the news which were shown in the monthly reports called Anti-Semitic hate crimes and incidents are summarized in the annual reports.