Action and Protection Foundation to launch Best Practice Handbook

We believe time has now come to share our experiences and results with others. It was our cooperation with the Jewish communities of the Visegrád Group that inspired us to write the Action and Protection Foundation Best Practice Handbook but the information provided can be applied anywhere, with no geographical limitations.… Bővebben

Knowledge-transfer training in Budapest, 7 November, 2018

The second event of the project titled Single Incident Monitoring System For Fostering Security of Jewish Communities took place in Budapest on the 7 of November, 2018.

We invited representatives of our partners (from Chabad Slovakia and the Polish Fundacja Chai) to visit the Action and Protection Foundation’s (APF) office for a 1-day training.… Bővebben

Monitoring trainings in Bratislava and Warsaw (November-December 2018)

APF staff visited their Polish and Slovakian colleauges for short trainings on anti-semitism monitoring methodology. One of the most important criteria to be able to counter anti-Semitism is an adequate assessment of the prevalence of anti-Semitism. For this reason, APF monitors events and the press on a monthly basis, in line with professional standards.… Bővebben

United action by V4 countries to combat anti-Semitism

Action and Protection Foundation (TEV) hosted an international conference, “European anti-Semitism, the fight against anti-Semitism” on 27 June 2018. In the exchange of ideas held at the Brussels headquarters of the European Jewish Association, the establishment of a center to analyze anti-Semitism in the Visegrád countries using common methods and practices was discussed.Bővebben