Founding Members of the Board


Chairman of the Board of Trustees, member of the governing body at Unified Hungarian Israelite Community

There are few issues that unite the Jewish people in a common cause. The struggle against anti-Semitism is certainly one of these. The fight against anti-Semitism, galvanizing support for a common cause,  and consensus building are all important to me. The Action and Protection Foundation is able to unite  and organize these energies in ways which have a meaningful, positive, real-world impact.


Leader of Szim Salom P.ZS.H., member of the Board of Trustees

The Action and Protection Foundation is the first Hungarian Jewish organization to target representation of the entire Hungarian Jewish community; those who suffer discrimination or physical harm because of belonging to the Jewish Community. Therefore it is an honor for me to participate in this work.



Member of the Board of Trustees

I personally found it extremely important to actively help and be involved with the everyday work of the Action and Protection Foundation due to the increasingly offensive environment that the Jewish community in Hungary faces. I believe that the Foundation is perhaps the best initiative of self governance and self protection.